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As a Founding Member and Certified Professional of The Cialdini Institute, Smitty assembled a team of his highly qualified peers to create INFLUENCE IN ACTION. This book provides practical applications for putting Dr. Cialdini’s Seven Principles of Ethical Persuasion into action for optimal success.
Those co-authors, in order of appearance are:
Foreword: Dr. Robert Cialdini – USA and Cialdini Institute CEO, Bas Wouters – Netherlands

Chapter 1. Dr. Michael Goldberg – USA

Chapter 2. Patrick van der Burght – Australia

Chapter 3. Al Fabon – Philippines

Chapter 4. Leopold Ajami – UAE

Chapter 5. Maria Maier – USA

Chapter 6. John Doorbar – Germany

Chapter 7. James Rose – UK

Chapter 8. Martin John – UK

Chapter 9. Ellin Sidell – USA

Chapter 10. Mark Brown – UK

Chapter 11. Isto Felin – Finland

Prologue, Chapter 12. And Epilogue, Robert J. Smith, MFA – USA

Smitty is also the creator of THE ADVENTURES OF INSURANCEMAN.

He is also creating similar series for Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, CPAs, Physicians, Mortgage Originators, and many additional professions.

Kevin Harrington of ABC’s Shark Tank Speaks About Smitty

Smitty is also working diligently to bring SHORT ATTENTION SPAN DAN to television.

UNDERSIZE ME – As seen on The CW Network

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